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Mobile Legends – Features

Mobile Legends Game
Why everyone is getting crazy about this?

Mobile Legends Diamonds is the 5v5 battle and thrilling game and make use of your required high skills within the game to earn a huge amount of money. So, without any effort, it will be very difficult to get the money and diamonds. You need to destroy the enemy base camp is the important goal of your team you can easily get the base with seeking assistance from the Minions to defeat the Turret. Please avoid suffering from major damage and allow the minions to move first within the range area to defeat the enemies. Money and Diamonds are the most required items within this game.

You can use the hacking tool which is available through the online platform to get diamonds and money to play the game. Most of the applications do not require installation. The websites are 100% secure and safe. Due to this reason, most of the players prefer to use Mobile legends hacks and make the game more exciting and interesting.We all aware that the battle points and winning diamonds are not alone an easy task, you need to make use of all options and features to play the game delightfully.


Classic MOBA Maps (5v5 Battles)

You will have a 5v5 real-time battles against the real opponents. The classic MOBA maps with the complete reproduction. You can have full 5v5 battles or Human versus Human battles. 2 Wild Bosses, 18 defense towers, 4 jungle areas, and 3 lanes to fight against the opponents to conquer the enemy’s tower.


Fair Fights

With similar to other classic MOBAs, it is not required for paying the stats or providing hero training. Based on the ability and skill, the Winners and the Losers are decided. The balanced and fair platform for competitive gaming. You should not pay to win, play to win.


Al Assistance in smart Offline

Even if you experience latency during the game, the game’s powerful reconnection system will get back to your game within a few seconds of time. During offline, the Al system will control your character to avoid the worst situation.


Win with Strategy & Teamwork

Heal teammates, control the enemy, and block the damage. You can match the MVP or anchor the team by choosing Supports, Assassins, Marksmen, Mages, or Tanks. Every week new heroes will be released.


Easy to Master with Simple Controls

You can easily become a master with both skill button and a virtual joystick. The target sifting and auto-lock will allow you to the heart’s content with the last hit. The battle thrill can be focused by using the convenient tap-to-equip system.


10 Minute Matches & 10 Second Matchmaking

The battle will take only 10 minutes with 10 seconds matchmaking, you can jump into and also get early level up within the intense battles. Fist-pumping victories, more thrilling actions, repetitive farming, and less boring waiting time. You can easily join the MOBA competition at any time or place by immersing yourself into the game.

Mobile Legends Generator

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Mobile Legends is one of the most world-famous and action game which is played by all the players around the world. There are million of downloads on the official app store page of the mobile legends game. So Before we give you the full access to our free Mobile Legends Generator, we just want to tell you some major things about the game like what is Mobile Legend Game and How to Play this game.

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Let’s Know More About

Mobile Legends Game –

The Founder of Mobile Legends

Every day, we play the most exciting game but we do not know about the creator of Mobile Legends. You should know about Moonton, who is the founder of this game. Once you open the game, the company name will be displayed for your reference. Moonton the MOBA game developer and the mobile creator had played the game numerous times in Indonesia.

This game was developed under Justin Yuan’s leadership by the company Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., Ltd, which is based in China. Two major companies involved with a game developed namely Shanghai Mulong Network and Technology Co.Ltd and Shanghai Moonton Technology Co.Ltd. Moonton, the young person awarded with multiple achievements after developing the Mobile Legends game.

Mobile Legends game is the top-most game that has been downloaded numerous times on the Google Play Store. However, this count will not include other digital channels and the App Store. The game app is still developing with various updates and is released on a regular basis. In 2016, the company’s global revenues racked up to $200 million, with $25 million revenue generated from the U.S. region.

Do you know How Mobile Legends is Big in the stats?

With regards to the U.S. market success, it can get the third most global revenue with 12% for the Mobile Legends game. Indonesia and Malaysia are popular countries with global revenue of 19% and 21% respectively. The game was most popular with 79% user download from Google Play store and the remaining 29% from iOS App Store. After the PUBG mobile game, the Mobile Legends is the second most downloads game in history.

How To Use Diamonds in This Game?

Most of the heroes can be purchased at $12, but a few of them may vary between $6 and up to a maximum of $12. With $1 you cannot but much more and can get only an extra spin (which can be utilized in Mini lottery) or emblem boost box. This game consists of various currencies and can be used only during the purchasing the items in the form of currencies.

Emblem Boost Box and Hero’s can be purchased using BP. The currency which is commonly used is referred to as BP and can be obtained after completing each match. You can use this to purchase the heroes and up to a maximum of 3 heroes. Most of them use the tickets to purchase the heroes instead of using the BP currency.

Emblem Boost Box and Hero’s can also be purchased using the Tickets. You can complete the objective and obtain the Tickets, which is the 2nd most common currency within the game. You can purchase 8 or 10 heroes by using the tickets. You need to earn and cannot use the diamonds to buy the heroes. A few of them will not prefer to purchase the Emblem Boost Box by using the tickets. The ticket heroes cannot be purchased by utilizing the BP currency.

You can purchase anything within the game by using the Diamonds. It is not possible to earn the Diamonds, only it is possible to purchase. Depending upon your savings, you can purchase or spent the money for your hard work. To purchase anything, you should have the entire currency amount. It is not possible to purchase any items by using 70% tickets and the remaining amount in Diamonds or BP currency.

How to Play Mobile Legends? A Quick Guide

To play the Mobile Legends Diamonds game, you need to form a team of 5 members. You need to destroy the enemy base camp is the important goal of your team.  You can easily get the base with seeking assistance from the Minions to defeat the Turret.


How much Types of Heroes within the Game?

Before starting the game, you need to understand more about the type of heroes that are available within the game. Then, you can select the best type of hero that suits for your team to face the battle.

Support – The team can perform with their best efforts by using the Support heroes. The six support heroes: Digger, Estes, Lolita, Minotaur, Rafaela, and Nana. For e.g., Rafaela can slow and stun enemies. She can also heal her teammates.

Marksman – The fast automatic attacks are relied on by these heroes. They make use of the stutter-stepping techniques during the gameplay. They run back and perform auto-attacking skill. Turrets can be easily tackled by the Marksman heroes.

Mage Hero – If you prefer with heroes who use magic then you can select the Mage Hero. They defeat their enemies by staying behind and excel their magic. However, please ensure that you are selecting the correct Emblem Boost box set.

Assassin – Assassins are extremely and powerful deadly heroes. The enemies will face huge damage because of their high cool-down abilities. However, within the game, the Assassin has low HP and low resistance.

Fighter – These heroes are compared to as Melee attackers, but like Tank heroes, they are not behaving as beefy. They can often initiate fights and hold their own. The enemies will face huge damage by these fighters.

Tank Hero – Tank heroes are the major teammate to fight and good to be first. With the high HP and resistance, they protect their teammates from fragile. The enemies will not be much damaged by these fighters. You need to decide twice before choosing these heroes.

Tricks – Heroes & Skills

Please find below the list of tricks that you can use during the gameplay after familiar with heroes types:

New Hero Lancelot – The newly designed Assassin hero named Lancelot will deal with physical damage. Their skills include Phantom execution, Thorned rose, Puncture, and Soul Cutter. For every 10 seconds, the Soul Cutter will cause 20% damage to their enemies’ weaknesses. He is also framed as a perfumed knight with a good sword fighting with the use of invincible Phantom Execution.

Alucard – Alucard is known as under-class fighters. They are great in defeating both Heroes and Minions within close quarters. After each attack, their health will be retained back to normal. They also use Fission Wave techniques to regain health. But, please ensure that these fighters should not fight alone with two or more enemies.

Hero Layla – While starting the game, you will be provided with the Hero Layla for an encounter. She is one among the best and the default hero for your game. She is referred to as a Marksman, who can attack both minions and Turrets during the battle. The enemies will have severe damages by using the Destruction Rush skill. Even the running enemies can be shot down by this fighter.

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